About Us

Katrina and Marius are the owner/operators of Valhalla Kennels & Cattery, where we try to make your pets stay with us an enjoyable experience for them, and a worry free break for you. And heaps of fun for us too…….way better than a ‘real’ job! We took over the business and property in November 2019

Valhalla Kennels & Cattery the country pet retreat, established in 2003 and situated on a 22 acre property in the peaceful Uruti Valley and less than 5 minutes off SHW 3 on Uruti Road, which is about half way between the township of Urenui and Mount Messenger.

5 large grassed exercise areas for your pets to play and interact with other dogs as well as plenty of balls and tuggy ropes to have fun with.  Separate kennels and play area for the smaller types of dogs with the kennels being purpose built, insulated and heated, it also has a deck for the little guys to hang out on.

There is also “Ye Old Dog Inn”, a completely separate area on the other side of the  residence which the older dog may prefer, away from the main kennels which is quieter and more peaceful.

Dogs are exercised a minimum of twice a day and weather permitting threes times a day.  We supply Nutrience Grain Free as our choice of dog food as this is what we give our sport agility dogs to help keep them in peak condition.  Owners can supply their own food of course if they prefer.  We supply bedding and most owners bring a favourite blanket etc… but NO bean bags are allowed as they make quite a mess and can travel a fare distance.

Dog grooming: We can wash your dog and clip nails at additional cost but if you require a haircut for your fur baby we can organise this with Lyn at K9 Groomers Urenui, as long as we are given notice. Please contact us for further details.

Generally most cats are left out during the day together in our fully enclosed cattery and all rounded up later in the afternoon for a brush down before dinner and popped back into their sleeping quarters. We feed Nutrience Grain Free Sub Zero as our choice of food


Our opening hours are between 8am-11am and 3:30pm-6:00pm. We ask you to please respect ‘our time’ and sanity, and try to stick to these hours.

We insist on sighting current vaccinations for all pets that are bought into to stay with us, so please don’t forget your pets vaccination booklet for us to see on drop off.

As a service to customers we also try to get some photographs of your pets while their staying with us and these are usually posted on Facebook so you can see what your wee little fur balls are getting up to while you’re away. Go on, take a peek at us on Facebook and see what goes on here!

We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member in the near future;

Katrina and Marius

...when ever you heading North this is the place your fur babies would love to go, Lacey loves it here.

Katherine Haughe