Terms and Conditions

1. All dogs/cats must be:

a) Fully vaccinated. We will not accept dogs/cats for boarding unless a certificate is presented on arrival or previously verified and up to date.

b) Wormed with a broad spectrum wormer & treated for fleas ONE WEEK prior to arrival.


2. All charges are based on a per day and are to be paid at drop off or when collecting your dog/cat. In long term situations, we request that payment be made monthly or by a 50% deposit on delivering your dog/cat, balance to be paid when collecting your dog/cat.


3. Dogs/cats are to only be collected or dropped off during our open hours and must arrive with a collar and lead on to ensure the safety of all dogs during our drop off and pick up times.

Opening Hours: 8am – 11am and 3:30pm – 6pm


Drop off and pick up will not be permitted outside of these hours (unless arranged prior with an additional cost of $50) including Christmas and New Years Days as we are not open these days.

We are closed for pick-ups and drop-offs on Christmas and New Years Days.

Inspections are welcomed by appointment only.


4. NO bean bags to be used as bedding.


We reserve the right to:

a) Treat your dog/cat for fleas or worms should we find your dog/cat infested, this will be at the owner’s expense.

b) Make suitable arrangements for any dog/cat left in our care 14 days after the due collecting date if no contact is made by the owner or the owner’s agent.

c) To have any dog, which barks persistently or causes undue stress, be removed by the agreed contact person. (This is always the last resort!!)

d) Place dogs where we feel are appropriate to enable the smooth running of our facility.


We consider our facilities and management practices to be of the highest standards, therefore the very best of professional care and expertise will be given to your dog/cat. All care is taken with your dog/cat, but we accept no responsibility for illness, injury, damage or death for any reason. If any guest requires veterinary care – all relative costs will be met by the dog/cat owner

All vaccinations must be up to date:


  • Parvo/Distempa – 2/3 yearly

  • Canine Cough - annual

  • Lepto – annual


  • Feline FVRCP