Our DAILY (or part day) rates from 1st September 2018
Please note, we have a minimum charge of 2 days

  • Dogs less than 8 kg $20.00 per day (or part day)

  • 2 dogs less than 8 kg sharing a kennel $36.00 per day (or part day)

  • Dogs over 8 k $22.00 per day (or part day).

  • 2 dogs over 8 kg sharing a kennel $40.00 per day (or part day)

Any dog that requires ‘lead walking’ for various reasons, i.e. an escapee or aggressive to others a $5.00 per day surcharge will apply
All Cats $12.00 per day or part day, and no Tom cats please.
And two or more cats from the same family also attract a 10% discount on the daily rate.
Long term stays over 20 days also attract a 10% discount on the total cost; please contact us for further details

All your furry friends must have current vaccinations, and we will need to sight the booklet.

We supply Nutrience as dry biscuit, as our food of choice for doggies in our care, but you are welcome to provide your own. And for the cats, Nutrience Grain Free Sub Zero, once again you can supply your own if you wish.

We supply bedding, but you are welcome to bring your own (no bean bags please!). And of course bring along any small comforts/toys from home.

Our Terms and Conditions:

  1. We need to view a vaccination certificate, to verify your dog has been vaccinated within the last 11 months or at least 10 days before arrival. We will not accept pets for boarding unless a certificate is presented on arrival or the vaccination has been previously verified. If any guest requires veterinary care – all relative costs will be met by the pet owner.

  2. We reserve the right to:

    • make suitable arrangements for any pet left in our care 14 days after the due collecting date if no contact is made by the owner or the owners agent.

    • have any dog, which barks persistently or causes undue stress, removed by the agreed contact person. (This is always the last resort!!)

    • place dogs where we feel is appropriate to enable the smooth running of our facility.

Payment Options

Cash or EFTPOS

Internet Banking Available:

Valhalla Kennels    Acc No: 02-0548-0124113-00

...when ever you heading North this is the place your fur babies would love to go, Lacey loves it here.

Katherine Haughe